Hi Internet! My name’s KP  and welcome to my blog!

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About Me

I’m a writer.  A lot of people say that, and that’s because that phrase means a lot of different things.  To me, it means that I’m a dreamer.  It means I’m a storyteller.  It means I have writings to share.

I grew up in a small town in Ohio (trust me, if you’re not from there, you haven’t heard of it).  I was that girl in class who read all the books and was really obnoxious about it.  I’m still that girl, but I’m older and slightly less obnoxious.  My dream currently is to become a screenwriter and see over the development of a story from idea to page to actors to screen.  I say ‘currently’ however, for I have no idea if that’s where I’ll end.  I’m just floating on stardust right now, beginning my first year of college and stepping out into the big ol’ world.

KP is a nickname based on my initials which all of my friends call me, so I figured that’s what the Internet should call me too.

About the Blog

This blog is primarily a creative output for me.  I’ve had a story inside me for at least five years now, so I figured I should throw it out into the cold, hard world.  The tentative schedule for posting right now is once every week, currently every Thursday afternoon.  I beg for patience from my readers ahead of time because I know I will get off schedule a lot.

The main content for this blog are short story series’ entitled The Adventures of Elizabeth Shelley, a fantasy/science fiction series primarily about (you guessed it) a girl named Elizabeth Shelley and The Audaxi Chronicles, a medieval-fantasy series.  I also have posts called KP Rambles, which are about my life and anything that I think will be of interest!  I hope you all will join me on these adventures, and please feel free to share opinions, questions, or feedback of any kind!

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