Chapter 7: The Council

Hello! We're back to the Audaxi Chronicles today! Hope you're all enjoying this content, and please share with your friends!  In this chapter, we learn some more about our world here in Hireath and finally some answers on the Audaxi! (Also the picture kind of has nothing to do with this chapter; it's just pretty,... Continue Reading →

Chapter 6: Stories and Arguments

The Audaxi Chronicles: Chapter 6 Althea Althea stands there, with the Highland King, the ruler of the Lands and the son of the man who destroyed her people and instilled hate between the Highlanders and the Vaga.  A part of her cannot believe she truly just asked him to end the hate, an extreme request,... Continue Reading →

Chapter 5: Hatred Helps No One

Hi, everyone! So this installment takes a bit of a different turn as we step into a new point of view! From now on, the chapters will designate which character's viewpoint we're seeing from, and this story will rotate between Raff, Althea, and the prince (who we have yet to meet;)'s points of view. Enjoy!... Continue Reading →

Chapter 4: One Spark

Please remember to leave a like or a comment, and share with your friends!! The Audaxi Chronicles: Chapter 4 All the air escapes his body at those words, and Raff’s bones seem to want to crumble to the ground, becoming hundreds of pounds heavier.  The prince cannot be dead.  It's unthinkable.   But the Enchantress... Continue Reading →

Chapter 3: The Highland Castle

Hi guys! Just a reminder, leave a like or a comment if you're enjoying this, and keep checking back every Monday and Thursday for more content! The Audaxi Chronicles: Chapter 3 These formalities seem to pick away at the time that is running out.  As Althea and Raffym sit up on their horses between the... Continue Reading →

Chapter 2: Last Hope

Hi everybody! So I've decided that starting now I am going to change my schedule a bit to upload every Monday and Thursday! Since I've gotten into the habit of taking long breaks, I wanted to upload more content more often now! I hope you enjoy, leave a like if you do, and please share... Continue Reading →

Chapter 1: The Rider

The Audaxi Chronicles Hello, everyone!  Welcome to our new regularly updating story, the Audaxi Chronicles.  If you're a fan of medieval fantasy, then this series is for you!   Hopefully this will become a regularly updating series along with The Adventures of Elizabeth Shelley!  In the world of Hiraeth, a cracking kingdom with a deceptive... Continue Reading →

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