KP Rambles Sitting here in the library in the second week of the year, I realize that I burst into 2018 with an overwhelming desire to learn and to create.   I’m not sure why. Like I talked about last time, I have some different New Year’s resolutions, and I think each year I add... Continue Reading →

Another Year Over

KP Rambles As 2017 leaps forward for its final bow in the next few hours, I think on the past year with...content, I suppose. Every time we come to rounding the sun and add another lap onto our turning journey, I'm never sure quite how to feel because every year is such a conglomeration of... Continue Reading →

Being Selfish

KP Rambles It’s been a while. Sorry about that. This rambles is up on a weird day, I know, but with the holidays rolling around everything’s been a bit off. So likely don’t expect a regular schedule until later in January, but I hope to get something up by later next week!   The reason... Continue Reading →

Feels Like Home

Sorry this is a day late! And it's short! But it's up! Look at that! Like or share or comment or whatever if you like it!   KP Rambles As I’ve grown up, the only thing I seem to think of to ask for Christmas is books and clothes. Mainly books.   I remember when... Continue Reading →

A Tree-Shaped Hole

KP Rambles   First of all, big news! KP Writings has a new official Instagram!!   If you’re interested in more of what goes on behind the scenes, as well as some pictures and small writings of mine, feel free to follow @kpwritingsblog on Instagram! Also, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @kpwritings!  ... Continue Reading →

Everything Seems Bad

KP Rambles Hello, everyone! First of all, sorry for the lack of posts recently; we can blame homework for that. Then, I was going to post an Elizabeth story yesterday. However, it just didn't seem fitting with the horrific event that occurred in Las Vegas. I don't usually comment on world happenings on here, but... Continue Reading →


KP Rambles   Sorry about the lack of post on Monday; this week my schoolwork has really started to ramp up. Also, I’ve had a few projects start up, and my motivation has been at a low (not following my own motivation tips 😉   Stress is something I’m still learning to deal with. In... Continue Reading →


KP Rambles Autumn is coming. Can you see it, in the yellow leaves falling onto the grass? Can you smell it, in the chill spreading through the world?   Autumn is my favorite season, for a multitude of reasons. I love the change of colors as the world sheds its skin, dipping everything into orange... Continue Reading →


  KP Rambles Spontaneity does not come easy for me.   I’m not sure why, exactly. As a writer, I’ve always longed for something more in life, like the books I read and the shows I watch. But as a person, routine and stability seem to be ingrained into my DNA, contrary to what my... Continue Reading →

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