Hi all! This is a page similar to Hayden’s Log for reference for the Audaxi Chronicles! If you’re confused about characters, locations, affiliations, and the like, check out this page for a quick refresher and some new background information!

The Audaxi Chronicles: Reference


     Althea (The Enchantress): Our main point-of-view character, Althea is a girl of twenty from the Vaga tribe (see below). Studying the art of magic from a young age, Althea is perhaps the youngest and most renown magic-wielder in their time, as rumors of her healing powers have spread through the Lands for the past three years. Inquisitive and mischievous, Althea wants nothing more than the fair treatment of her people in the eyes of the Highlanders, but she cannot help but manage to clash with the Prince of the Highlands, whose life she also happens to save on a regular basis.

    Sir Raffym: Our other main point-of-view character, Sir Raff at sixteen years is the youngest member of the Audaxi (see below). Recently knighted, Raff is fiercely loyal to his prince and his kingdom, but from his new position next to the crown, he cannot avoid seeing the problems in the Lands. Born and raised an orphan inside Rinnreal walls, Raff became a knight to protect his kingdom and to see the Lands. The one who brought the Enchantress to the castle, Raff isn’t sure why, but he feels he, Althea, and the Prince all are now connected on this path he set them on.

    Prince Nolyn: Prince of Hireath, Guardian of the High and Low Lands, Nolyn is the eldest son of King Ri at twenty years and heir to the throne. Nolyn studied all royal subjects and manners alongside his brother, sister, and the castle ward, becoming extremely accomplished in swordsmanship. Leader of the mysterious Audaxi, Nolyn is the protector of the people. Proud and rash, the Prince seems to focus on nothing more than the benefits of his blood, but the arrival of the Enchantress to the castle and her somehow constant company throws his world off-balance. However, even though Althea challenges his world at every turn, Nolyn shows incredible promise in becoming a good and just king.

    Sir Brennan Trask: Son of a Lowland Chieftain, Second to the Prince and of the Audaxi, Trask at twenty years is Prince Nolyn’s oldest and closest friend. More reserved than his prickly prince, Trask is thoughtful and solemn, seemingly to be the only one to know how to handle Nolyn. Growing up away from his home in Rinnreal, Trask keeps in touch with his father, the Chieftain of the Lowland Ritona, but devotes himself to serving the kingdom.

    King RiKing of Hiraeth and the Lands, Son of Rinn the Conqueror, King Ri rules the Lands firm and constant. Strong but graying, Ri is wed to Nerida of the Lowlands to unite the Lands, having three children: sons Nolyn and Brath, and then daughter Dalla. Nerida currently resides in the Farra Lowland for her sick father, as Ri continues to try and rule the broken Lands.

    Eriana: Daughter of the King in the Sky from the mountainous and snowy Land Ondin, Eriana is a ward at the Rinnreal castle. The shaky treaty between the Highlands was solidified as Eriana left to stay with the Highland King at the age of four, where she still is at fourteen years. At home in the castle, Eriana tried to make the best out of the situation, falling into place with Princess Dalla. Hopeful and naive, Eriana is in wonder of Althea, hoping to perhaps learn the art of magic from her.

Galen: The previous Court Physician, Galen is an older adviser to the King.

Dalla: Princess Dalla is a young girl of ten years, and she attached herself to the castle ward Eriana.

Sir Vukan: A royal knight and member of the Audaxi.

Sir Cathal: A royal knight and member of the Audaxi.

Sir Jerah: A royal knight and member of the Audaxi.

Sir Orion: A royal knight and member of the Audaxi.

Sir Lars: A royal knight and member of the Audaxi.

The Lands

    Hiraeth (The Lands): Hiraeth describes the entire continent, as well as the Land in which Rinnreal stands.  Once, the Lands were but one kingdom, but eventually, through time, they lived hundreds of years as separate, rivaling Lands. A Highlander who led the Land Hiraeth by the name of Rinn had visited a Vaga fortuneteller, who prophesied a Highlander restoring Hiraeth to a perfect, united kingdom. Rinn led a conquest across the main continent, succumbing the Lands to his rule and creating one, united kingdom. However, instead of creating a large, unified state, Rinn unintentionally opened the door for corruption, poverty, outlaws, and, more mystically, monsters. Two generations later, Nolyn and his Audaxi must pick up the crumbling pieces that his grandfather left behind to help the kingdom heal.

    The Highlands: The Highlands are the four northernmost Lands. Stretching from the sea to the west to the Eastern Mountains, these lands have a noble and rich history of clashing with each other and the rest of the world. Called the Highlands due to the plateau drop that separates it from the Lowlands, the Highland people are proud and strong-willed, but overall kind.

-Ondin: In the bitter, snowy north, Ondin caps the map of the continent. Eriana hails from the Royal Family of this Land.

-Hiraeth: Just south of Ondin, Hiraeth stretches from the Northbound Highpath to the Eastern Mountains. Made up of rolling green fields and lush forests, this Land boasts the King’s seat of Rinnreal on its westward edge.

-Sera: The westernmost Land, Sera borders Hiraeth at the Northbound Highpath and goes on to the Western Sea. Sera contains densely wooded areas until the cliffs to the Sea.

-Kinnell: The southernmost Highland, Kinnell contains the border to the Lowlands, a huge, curved drop-off of called, simply, The Cliff. Primarily open field, Kinnell claims the sight to many a battlefield between the High and Low Lands


    The Lowlands: The three southern Lands, the Lowlands cover the lower half of the continent below The Cliff. Composed of marshy and rainy wetlands, the Lowlands boast a more prosperous location than the Highlands, with growing fishing markets.

-Farra: The western Lowland, Farra is the home to the Queen Nerida. Its border with Ritona the Southbound Highpath, Farra composes primarily wetlands and marshes.

-Ritona: Bordering with Farra by the Southbound Highpath and the Unruled by the Eastern Mountains, Ritona claims much of the same physical qualities as Farra. Brennan Trask (see above) is the son of the Ritona Chieftain, but this Land has been the origin of much unrest against the crown in the recent days.

-Idere: The southernmost Land, Idere rests horizontally across the lowest point of the continent. The most affluent Land as of now, Idere’s fishing markets have sustained the Land for quite some time now.



The Unruled Kingdoms and States

Stretching eastward past the Eastern Mountains, these varying peoples, kingdoms, and states were never ruled underneath the new Highland Kings. Small, ever-shifting peoples and tribes populate this area of varying physical qualities. Continuing east, eventually population ceases as the Lacuna Desert lies furthest east.


   The Vaga: A nomadic people in the east, usually bound only by the Eastern Mountains and the sea, the Vaga are a mysterious race. With an ancient feud with the Highlanders, Vaga are often degraded as the lowest form of person by Highlanders. During the Conquering, Rinn led a massive slaughter of the Vaga, destroying many of their once-abundant camps in the east. The insult vagarinn resulted, as the Highlanders combine their ancient name with Rinn’s and thus reminding the Vaga of the slaughter of their people.



The Audaxi

A bedtime tale from before the times of Rinn, the Audaxi were heroic warriors from way back when Hireath had been one kingdom. An elite group of knights selected meticulously, usually from going through trials of some kind, the Audaxi were seven mythical riders in the protagonist position of each fairy tale. After Althea comes to Rinnreal, she discovers that the Audaxi had been revived, or were never disbanded. With his band of Audaxi, Nolyn rides through the Lands and protects the people from mysterious and dangerous threats, and they are the first to defend the kingdom against defying states. Current members of Nolyn’s Audaxi are Trask, Raff, Vukan, Jerah, Cathal, Orion, and Lars.


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