As the Crow Flies

Happy Halloween everyone! So here's a spooky individual story for Halloween, which may or may not end up being sort of part of a series! It turned out MUCH longer (and weirder) than I thought it would, just to warn you. Also, trigger warning for spooks and scary things! Also, don't forget to follow me... Continue Reading →

On the Edge

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the lack of Elizabeth last week and this week; finals are coming up on me quickly!  This is a piece I wrote last semester, for an assignment practicing dialogue.  Hopefully, next week we will be back to our regularly scheduled adventures!  Also, I want to give a bit of a suicide... Continue Reading →

The Lake

So, unfortunately Tunnels: Part 3 is delayed, as my second semester is proving a tough workload, which is honestly just my excuse for not having it done :).  So enjoy this short story in the meantime, but look out this weekend for a surprise!         Ford can’t breathe.  He doesn’t know where... Continue Reading →

The Cornfield Castle

     This week there is no installment for the Adventures of Elizabeth Shelley, but rather an individual short story written over a prompt for a class.  I plan to post more individual stories such as this one, along with the continued series of the Adventures of Elizabeth Shelley, which will hopefully return next week.... Continue Reading →

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