Hayden’s Log

 Hayden’s Log: People and Dimensions in Elizabeth’s Adventures

Author’s Note: I find myself, as Elizabeth goes on about her wonderful adventures, in a predicament with details such as names of dimensions and of the people Elizabeth speaks of.  A log is necessary with descriptions to help the reader’s keep track (as I tell Elizabeth this, she scoffs).  Descriptions of characters, dimensions, and alliances follow, and I will need feedback if further reference is needed.

The Adventures of Elizabeth Shelley


Elizabeth Shelley: Our protagonist being interviewed by Hayden about her adventures; a seventeen-year-old girl with sass to spare; in The Beginning, joined the group called the wegferends to travel through dimensions, exploring and helping; apprentice to Finn.

Finnegan “Finn” Doyle: Wegferend and mentor to Elizabeth; the supposed ‘best wegferend in all dimensions;’ left for five years previously to travel through the dimensions alone; wears a ‘ridiculous’ coat.

Neva: Wegferend and new leading council member of the wegferend council; native of Auroralium; assigns cases to the active wegferends; has unknown and presumably unhappy history with Finn; pale skin and silver hair.

Aila: Leader of the people of Conlis; a tall, regal woman with long, ivory hair and sharp facial features; in Cliff’s Edge, she asks Finn (and Elizabeth) to save her people; has a mysterious history with Finn.

Irby: Keeper of the Repository; non-binary in terms of gender; family has run the Repository for generations; short with constantly ruffled hair; while they always seem a bit overwhelmed, they watch over the Repository and give aide to wegferends and other travelers all while in total control.

Alastair: Bartender of The Seafoam Saloon in the dimension of Praedo; in The Repository: Part 2, Elizabeth and Finn talk with him in order to find information about the mysterious Collector; burly and rough, but all he really wants is to just run his bar in peace.

Beata: Wegferend and mentor of Rhett; known to be second only to Finn in terms of wegferends; tall with constantly perfect long black hair and makeup; mysterious but seasoned adventurer; deceased under mysterious circumstances.

Rhett Austen: Wegferend and apprentice to Beata; in The Forever King, Elizabeth finds a new friend in Rhett; tall, lanky, dusty dark hair; born the son of residents of two separate dimensions; started as an apprentice at sixteen.

Calahan: A Searu mercenary, Elizabeth met and fought Calahan originally in Tunnels when the young man stole her watch and distracted Elizabeth and Finn from whatever led to Beata’s death; of uncertain loyalties.

Castor: The young leader of the Anarchists; meets and fights Elizabeth in Maelstrom; mysterious, power-hungry, and dangerous.

Hayden: Writer and friend of Elizabeth; transcribing this anthology of Elizabeth’s adventures; occasionally intercedes with ideas and comments in italics.

[More sentences and scribbles are written under the name ‘Hayden,’ but they are crossed out so much that they are illegible]


Hominia: The dimension native to Elizabeth and Finn; referred to by the unaware Hominians, who are sometimes called the human race, simply as ‘Earth’ or ‘our dimension.’

Campestris: A huge, red plateau; houses the wegferend home base and a multitude of Doors; far below the plateau lies a desolate, black surface.

Conlis: Home to a great mountain; in Cliff’s Edge, Finn and Elizabeth dispatched a Occasus, a mighty shadow beast, here; a simple village rests at the base of the Ara mountain; Conlites are people with violet eyes, midnight blue skin, and long dark hair with a tint of green.

Auroralium (mentioned): Home dimension of Neva.

Opes (mentioned): Dimension of enormous power and wealth; leaders among the Planescape in technology; mysteriously closed themselves off ten years ago; in The Repository, Elizabeth finds a watch which jumps its wearer between dimensions that was invented by the people of Opes.

The Repository: A building as well as a dimension; houses items thought to be useful to someone, somewhere, sometime; also contains a trading depot; many Doors are found in the stacks and stacks of items; run by Irby and their family in the past; thought by some to be alive.

Praedo: Known for its attraction of the mischievous sort, this dimension finds itself the hub for black markets, mercenaries, thieves, and pirates from all dimensions; coastline towns and turn-of-the-century (like, the 18th) technology; the rumor is that wherever there are tales of ships disappearing mysteriously, there’s a Door leading here.

Gerheli: One of the most ancient dimensions known; in The Forever King, Elizabeth and Finn have to face Finn’s mistakes of the past as they fight a leader named Sigiwald; ten years in the past, Finn indirectly caused the destruction of half of the dimension, which was sustained when time stopped; now known as the Two-Faced City, Gerhelians are rebuilding and reconnecting with the outside Planescape as time moves once again.

Malacia: Once the base of wegferend operations before Campestris was found; a large, empty, Colosseum-like amphitheater with Doors all over; a moon three times the size of Hominia; a constant blue-glow and light snow; in Through the Door on Christmas Eve: Part 1, Elizabeth and Finn pass through on their way to adventure; now long-since abandoned.

Litatio: A small, quiet, village realm; in Through the Door on Christmas Eve, Elizabeth and Finn find themselves here searching for adventure, only to realize it is not all that it seems; home to the Planescape-famous Heims Festival; Litatites have pale orange eyes and silver hair.


Wegferends: A group of travelers who transverse the dimensions through Doors; attempt to protect and help the people and worlds they come across; highly trained in swordsmanship, athletics, strategy, battle, and dictatorship; also known as the ambassadors to the Planescape; members include Elizabeth, Finn, Rhett, Neva, and Beata.

Searu: A collection of deadly mercenaries based in the pirate dimension Praedo; hired for any and all missions, usually of the deadly kind; introduced with Calahan in Tunnels; allied with whomever pay the highest; has some connection with the death of Beata; members include Calahan.

Anarchists: Prime antagonists to the wegferends, the Anarchists fight for an end to interaction between dimensions; led by Castor, they have no laws or boundaries and will use deadly and dangerous weapons to reach their end goal.

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