Maelstrom: Part 5

Here's the final part to Maelstrom! Come back next week for more of my writing, and if you like it, don't be afraid to leave a like or a comment or follow me!  The Adventures of Elizabeth Shelley When my feet slam down next, puffs of red dust bust up as the dust of Campestris... Continue Reading →

Maelstrom: Part 4

Hi everyone! Sorry it's been a bit; life is crazy! Here's the continuation to the most recent installment of The Adventures of Elizabeth Shelley! It's a bit longer, since I've been gone for so long. Also, there is going to be a part 5 (wow so long)! As always, you can head on over to... Continue Reading →

Maelstrom: Part 3

Hi everyone! So, if you're new here from Instagram or elsewhere, welcome to my more fun and relaxed short story series called The Adventures of Elizabeth Shelley! If you want to start the series from the beginning, click the tab up top and scroll down to The Beginning. This is Part 3 of the most... Continue Reading →

Maelstrom: Part 2

Hey guys! Guess who forgot today was Monday and thus a blog post day?? Lol! Anyway, here's the next part of this new installment of the Adventures of Elizabeth Shelley! Sorry there's not much to it, but stay tuned for next week for the next installment! The Adventures of Elizabeth Shelley Striding across the giant... Continue Reading →

Maelstrom: Part 1

Hey guys! I know I didn't post on Monday, but here's a new Elizabeth installment! Check it out, and leave a like if you like it! Also, if you unaware of what this title means, a maelstrom is a violent whirlpool or a state of confused chaos (thus the picture:) The Adventures of Elizabeth Shelley... Continue Reading →


Hey, so I had a really bad day yesterday, so here's some random, fun Elizabeth! The Adventures of Elizabeth Shelley "Next time," Finn says, "we'll plan our escape in better weather."   Water drips from my hair down onto the supple grass below. My shirt and pants are soaking, and my toes curl up in... Continue Reading →

Lightning and Thunder: Part 4

Hey everyone!  Sorry it's been several weeks since the last update!  With the end of the semester, a trip abroad, and the beginning of summer work, my time has been a little short!  But here's finale to Lightning and Thunder, and stay tuned for more! Continued:         I press my back into... Continue Reading →

Lightning and Thunder: Part 3

Hey, here's our next installment! Please read, leave a like, and catch up by clicking on The Adventures of Elizabeth Shelley to read from the beginning! Continued:         “I’m not crazy; that was not like that before, right?” I ask, a little uncertain.  Finn, hoping up to the painting, inspects it carefully,... Continue Reading →

Lightning and Thunder: Part 2

Hello, all!  So I'm trying something a bit new by keeping the installments shorter; let me know what you think with a like or a comment!  Be sure to share with your friends! Continued:         Rhett and I just sort of look at each other for a second.  Finn didn't just say... Continue Reading →

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