Everything Seems Bad

KP Rambles

Hello, everyone! First of all, sorry for the lack of posts recently; we can blame homework for that. Then, I was going to post an Elizabeth story yesterday. However, it just didn’t seem fitting with the horrific event that occurred in Las Vegas. I don’t usually comment on world happenings on here, but I felt like I needed to write something. So here’s a little poem about the world today (forgive me for I am NOT a poet). My heart goes out to anyone and everyone affected by the violence and hatred that has seemed to plague us recently.


Everything is bad right now,

Or so it seems.

Our country looks to be pulling apart,

Our world tearing at the seams.


Everything is bad,

That’s how it looks,

Terror running through our streets,

History escaping from its books.


Each day a new horror

Seems to cover my Twitter feed,

The world is changing,

Not a want, but a need.


This pain and suffering,

Loneliness and strife,

I don’t know what to say

To help us through the night.


We learned about history,

Civil Rights, suffrage, the wars,

It’s no longer a mystery.

Now it’s knocking on our doors.


These are the moments

That define who we are,

America the Beautiful

Is not without her scars.


A match in the darkness,

Our light keeps going out,

People douse it left and right,

Once a whisper, now a shout.


I don’t know who you are,

I don’t know what you preach,

But the way things are now,

We’re surely to bleed.


Everything is bad,

But change is a-coming,

Digging your nails into the past,

Isn’t helping, just hurting.


Everything seems bad right now,

But just look around.

Feel your breath in the air,

See the leaves on the ground.


You make the difference,

No matter what you may think.

We need you here with us,

As we teeter on the brink.


I left my heart in Vegas,

Paris, Puerto Rico, Orlando,

Thousands of other places.

But words aren’t enough, not anymore.


I encourage each and every one of you to donate if you can to Las Vegas or Puerto Rico or Houston or wherever you can. Please remember that respect and love are stronger than this, and I think you can agree with that regardless of political standing. Take care of each other, and remember that you are so, so important.


With love and good vibes and peace-filled days,


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