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KP Rambles


A few weeks ago, I finished my first ever screenplay.


For those of you who don’t know, I’m majoring in Creative Writing and Digital Media Production, so I hope to become a screenwriter for television and film, with some directing and producing, too. So finishing my first screenplay was a big deal for me.


It felt so amazing, to actually do something toward my career. I was sitting in our basement, at maybe midnight, watching ghost shows on television, and I scrolled through the newly finished document. A smile spread across my face, without my say-so, as I saw my name underneath the title, right there, for real. My stomach did cartwheels as I realized that this was really the beginning.


It’s not great. Not going to win any Oscar’s or festivals or anything. But it was mine. I did that.


Creating is one of life’s true joys. By only the power of your mind and your hands, you birth something into this world. And no, it’s probably not entirely your own. In there, you can see the influences, the inspirations, the formats that probably came from other places. But it’s you.


Each piece was influenced by something you saw or read or watched or listened to and enjoyed, and each piece of that creation is a piece of you.


This fantastic beauty of art, in its many wonderful forms, gives you that feeling of butterflies in your stomach and tightness in your chest and dryness in your throat and racing horses in your heart as you realize that you made art. Whatever it is that you’re passionate about, it’s art, and you made it.


There are sort of two different directions I see this post going at this point, and I can’t really decide which way exactly I want to take it, so I’m going to do both.


My first point along the lines of Your Art is that you should never let anyone else tear it down or take credit for it in your place. What you make is what you worked hard on and where you have worked your way to is due to your hard work and dedication and passion. No one can take credit for that.


And in turn, you should support others and their art! You never know what can tear someone down and make them stop doing what they love. Even if you don’t like it or it’s horrible, there’s nothing wrong with more art in the world, no matter the level of it. Also, art takes time and practice and dedication and you can’t get any better without practice, like anything else in life.


My second is that I realize this feeling I described up above is not only the beauty of art but also a privilege of it, and if you don’t feel that way about what you’re doing or you don’t know what you want to do, that’s okay.  


Especially right now, as everyone’s moving into college and starting new stages in their lives, when all this pressure comes in from everywhere like water bursting in through pipes that you need to know every second of the rest of your life right now. But you don’t.


And likely, if you do, it will never end up how you imagine. But that’s okay. Life has a funny way of turning out unlike how you think.


Along the same lines, as someone who thinks she has everything planned in the future, my idea for it always changes, and I always have more that I need or want, like right now with this blog, which I really want to be successful. But that little feeling I talked about at the beginning, that I-just-finished-my-art-feeling, sticks with you no matter what. And you can find that in whatever you do in life, as long as you feel proud of it.


Anyway, I’m not too sure what this post was about. Passion, life, the future, art, I guess. I hope you enjoyed it! Please share with your friends, and leave a like if you liked it!


With love and good vibes,


PS: In three days, I’m turning 20!! Yay!!!


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