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Sitting here in the library in the second week of the year, I realize that I burst into 2018 with an overwhelming desire to learn and to create.


I’m not sure why. Like I talked about last time, I have some different New Year’s resolutions, and I think each year I add more and more. But this year they seem to have a theme: learning new things and making new things.


I started bullet journaling back up again, and I’m really excited for it. I’m planning to add more to the new kpwritings Instagram (@kpwritingsblog shameless plugging) and give it a study/book focus. I am immensely excited about my new screenwriting class and how the focus is literally writing our own full length screenplay. I’ve got multiple books in progress to finish reading soon.


Overall, what surprised me most was how excited I was to get to work and back to classes, especially since I was so looking forward to winter break. But what I’m not aware of when I’m drowning in 8-10 page papers and news articles and homework and tests is that I like learning. A lot, in fact. I think most people do actually like learning.


However, most people also dislike homework and grades and tests and gpa’s and the overwhelming pressure to do better, do better, do better, otherwise no job for you and you’re a big failure.


Incredible pressure sits on education and creating a path for a career today. But that pressure doesn’t need to be there for everyone. That pressure can just make it feel like you’re drowning and lagging behind in the race that is life and that you can never catch up if you fall behind (even though you can and you will).


If you strip all that pressure away, though, something wonderful can be revealed. Even without that pressure, I know I would still be in college because I like to learn. Without that pressure, I’m still learning things: I’m buying bullet journaling supplies, and I’m downloading language-learning apps, and I’m setting personal goals on my creative work, and I’m still learning.


Remember when learning was still fun? When all you could think of was more “why” questions? I remember I used to stay up way too late during my elementary school years just to keep reading. Then all the worries and required readings and “if-you-don’t-do-well-you-won’t-get-into-college”’s are shoved into our brains because that’s tradition and that’s just how it goes. You lose the love of learning like you lose your front teeth. It happens, but we all have to just make it through.


But what if we put aside that pressure on ourselves–from parents, from society, from our education system, from whatever–and remembered to love learning? I’m not saying we have to love it all the time, or in all subjects, but discovering the world around us and learning to create something new shouldn’t be buried under doubts and fears and worries.


So, my challenge to you is to discover what you love to learn, and learn about it. The beautiful thing about this day and age is that while there seems to be a cacophony of misinformation that spreads like a wildfire, there’s also an incredible wealth of knowledge out there just across our little black screens. You just have to remember how to love it.


Check back tomorrow (or possibly later this weekend) for a new update on a story! I’m not quite sure which one yet, and I may even add a new running story series, so be sure to hit the follow button or the like button or whatever you can to get each update! And please share with your friends if you liked it!


With love and good vibes,


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